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Information Technology Assessment

A To Z of Information Technology Assessment

Information technology assessments are scientific, bilateral and communicative practices. The assessments aspire to contribute to the arrangement of political and public opinion on the societal facet of technology and science. Thus, it is the assessment and study of current technologies available today. It is established on the view that the current advancements and discoveries are made by scientific association. Technology assessments keep in mind the global aspects and also the future of the civilization, and it is definitely not anti-technology. Thus, the conclusive results of information technology assessments research must be advertised, and distinct consideration should be definitely given to the conversation made with the political decision-makers. But above all, to do a successful information technology assessment, a series of steps needs to be executed, that includes, IT planning, IT strategy, IT roadmap, IT integration, IT budget and IT costs.

IT planning

IT planning is a practice within the information system and information technology territory. It is focused on the planning process of information technology investments so that decisions can be made quicker, thoroughly aligned, and also flexible. There are also strategies followed for proper execution of IT planning, like providing data stocks related to the life cycle, costs and also application ownership. This is done to assist planners to make more refined decisions.

IT strategy

Information technology strategy is the comprehensive plan which includes objectives, fundamentals, and also tactics associated with the use of technologies within distinct organizations. The strategies pay attention to the technologies and also sometimes the people who are directly involved in managing these technologies.

IT roadmap

Information technology roadmap is a procedure that matches both, short-term as well as long-term goals with clear-cut technological solutions to assist in meeting the set goals. This plan is applied to brand-new process or products and even to an upcoming technology. The idea of establishing a roadmap is to achieve three crucial uses.

  • First, it aids to conclude the requirement and the technology required to satisfy the requirement.
  • Second, it gives a structure to help in forecasting technological developments.
  • Third, it administers groundwork to assist in coordinating and planning technological development.
IT integration

Information technology system integration is basically a process by which software applications and computer systems are joined together functionally or physically. System integrators get together various systems by employing varied techniques, such as manual programming, computer networking, and enterprise application integration. There are also various approaches to integration, i.e. star integration, horizontal integration, data format integration, and vertical integration.

IT Budget

• All types of organizations wrestle with the budgeting of information technology and IT costs. This happens due to conflict between the IT and finance teams who fail to understand the importance of each other’s work or job responsibilities. The information technology budgeting should be utilized as a planning tool that aids the entire organization to stay equipped for future technological needs.