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Network Design and Implementation

Network Design and Implementation Services

We, YouCon Inc, have excellent, skilled engineers and technicians with a wide range of experience with network and operating systems, enabling us to design a computer network that meets all of your business and technology requirements. We work with your users and management to plan and design the network, and integrate applications and third party products.


DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol service. This is a service that provides a method for devices that can dynamically set network configuration parameters. With this service, the administrators of networks can have the ability to allocate and assign IP addresses and other parameters to users wanting to dynamically connect. It also allows its users to connect without reconfiguring their settings and reduces the need for administrative support of customer configurations.


A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. A firewall can be implemented to both hardware and software, or a combination of both. It is frequently used to prevent unauthorized internet users from accessing private networks, especially intranets. The messages entering or leaving through the internet or intranet pass through the firewall. The firewall blocks those that do not meet the specified security criteria.

We offer the computer firewall services to prevent the unauthorized hacker from spying and monitoring your system. A firewall is an integrated collection of security measures designed to prevent unauthorized electronic access to a networked computer system. Our firewall management system provides a special security system for all the PCs and laptops because at the end of the day, we work for the safety and security of the customer computer.

Web Content

Website content acts like a backbone that can make or break the reputation of a website, no matter how visually appealing it is. Quality content writers are those who picture beautiful words and understand the real ecstasy of the written word. We have excellent and skilled content writers who focus not only on writing content, but also on grabbing the visitorís attention. We offer quality content for all types of sites, thus achieving visitors and potential customers.

Anti Spam

Spam is an email message sent unnecessarily to several recipients who did not wish to receive it. If the message comes from the trusted source, it will not considered as a spam.

Spam comes from the Internet fraud and many unsolicited commercial offers. When you open the spam e-mail message, you will be redirected to deceptive websites wherein you will be asked for the personal details, i.e., name, age, or banking details for the purpose of online fraud. Spam e-mail on the other hand contains unsuitable contents like pornographic material and other inappropriate messages. So in order to prevent children from viewing unsuitable content should they frequent your establishment, businesses must be knowledgeable about spam messages and activate the spam protection.