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System Support

Our system support services provide on-site or remote support for individual computers, networks and large scale systems. From the occasional questions about hardware and software, to a full service help desk operation, our services can be tailored to meet the growing, demands of any business. Our on-demand service is available through a remote access server which lets our associates connect with your computers and perform the required job in the most professional manner.

Other support services include:

  • Microsoft Windows Updates
  • Removal of Virus and Spyware
  • Updating Application
  • Installation or removal of new software
  • Provides Antivirus and Anti Spam software
  • Internet, Email and connectivity services troubleshooting
  • Provides Internet Security
  • Scanning the Hard Disk Drive, defragmentation, and scheduling
  • Wireless Setup and Configuration

In keeping with its tradition of uninterrupted remote support service, our troubleshooting team will be available to address issues 24x7.